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"Why do I need a video to advertise my property?

I already have a photographer and take videos with my phone." 

Here's why. Photos help provide basic details about the property; what it looks like, how many bathrooms, the style of the architecture, the size of the master bedroom. Here's the problem:

Real life isn't static.

People want to know what it's like to come up the driveway, walk through the front door, see the light shimmering off the pool, cross the bedroom to take a peek into the master bathroom, and — sure — it doesn't hurt to see a flyover of the nearby lake.

Real Estate — Crossroads Farm

Real Estate — Crossroads Farm

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Real Estate — Three Springs

Real Estate — Three Springs

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I'll make a video that suits the property, the location, and the target market.


Even if you already have a photographer, I can supplement his or her work with stunning aerial photography.

"My firm and I have used Ben on multiple occasions. He always goes the extra mile to ensure the product he puts out is better than expected. Ben is professional, personable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!"

- Brad Reese, Real Estate Agent (Melinda Beam)

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