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Photo Equipment
Quadcopter Drone
Lake and Mountainous Landscape
Mountain Bike

It all started when I was five.

My parents bought their first camcorder to document their four children running around the house, breaking windows, and terrorizing the neighborhood. Pretty quickly, the most rambunctious son had taken control of the camera, and took it upon himself to become the family documentarian.

My style has been refined and the work has become more professional, but I still feel reckless glee whenever I'm capturing some real-life-stuff in action.

I now work as a professional filmmaker. In addition to wedding videos, real estate work, and freelance promotional content, I work as a video producer for James Madison University's graduate school. I even made it official by getting a film degree from JMU's School of Media Arts & Design.

I love spending my days out in the Shenandoah Valley, capturing the rolling farmland and lush forests with my Sony A7RII and Mavic Air 2 4K drone. My toys are a little better than when I was a kid.


Cheers — can't wait to make your film! 

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